CSI Family Files
Computer Searching & Imaging
Let us help you preserve your family legacy
  • research original documents
    • census records
    • birth, marriage, death certificates
    • military & pension records
    • immigration records
  • digitize & enhance family photographs
  • compile a family history report or book
  • print relational charts with places & dates
  • publish your family history to CDs or DVDs
  • publish and print your family history
  • classes offered in researching & recording your family history

Contact :  csi@familyfiles.info

Reasonable rates - $25 for a basic report with guaranteed results*
Located in Salem (Roanoke County), VA    -   Bo Hagen : 540-389-1512 or Tom Mall : 540-521-4631
* guaranteed results include copies of at least 2 original official documents

Send Snail Mail inquiries to: CSI Family Files c/o L. B. Hagen 1734 Mountain Heights Drive Salem, Virginia 24153